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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2024 at Roxanne's in Long Beach, CA – Your Ultimate Destination for Festive Fun and Authentic Irish Fare! Join us for an unforgettable week-long celebration packed with the best St. Patrick's Day specials, including delicious corned beef tacos, refreshing green Mexican lagers, and the finest Irish whiskey.  Roxanne's St. Patrick's Week Extravaganza in Long Beach, CA  Don't miss out on Long Beach's premier St. Patrick's Day celebration at Roxanne's! From Taco Tuesday featuring $1.50 corned beef tacos to Super Sunday's all-you-can-eat extravaganza, we're offering an array of daily specials that promise to delight. Sip on $5 green Mexican lagers, indulge in $5 well Irish whiskey, and explore our speakeasy with $8 Bushmills. Plus, enjoy our signature green beer, $7 holiday shots, and $8 slushees all day long.  Daily Happy Hour and More at Roxanne's in Long Beach  Elevate your St. Patrick's Day with our daily Happy Hour from 2pm to 7pm, featuring exclusive deals
 Title: Stone Cold 3:16 Bash & Brews - WWE Themed Event in Los Angeles & Long Beach  Description: Get ready to raise hell with our Stone Cold 3:16 Bash & Brews event! Join us for an electrifying WWE themed celebration in Los Angeles and Long Beach. Featuring beer specials, wrestling highlights, and more!  Keywords: Stone Cold Steve Austin, 3:16 Day, WWE themed event, Los Angeles, Long Beach, beer specials, wrestling highlights, Broken Skull IPA, craft beer, family-friendly, non-alcoholic options, beer smash, Rattlesnake revelry, Stone Cold celebration, California, event tickets, restaurant event.  Alt Text for Image: Stone Cold 3:16 Bash & Brews - WWE Themed Event in Los Angeles & Long Beach

Roxanne's is the ultimate spot for craft cocktails, tasty wings, and live music in Long Beach. We take pride in our wide selection of handcrafted cocktails that cater to everyone's taste. Pair one of our signature drinks with our mouth-watering wings for the ultimate food and drink experience. Roxanne's is also the go-to spot for live music, with something different every night of the week. Come in, relax, and enjoy the entertainment while sipping on the best cocktails in town.

Roxanne's, Long Beach Cocktail & Bar

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